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Heart in Pieces
Heart in pieces
Truth being told
Wishing for the answer
To help fix my heart
My truth hiding
In poems from my heart
How can I be
The one that you need
What can I do
To help pick up the pieces
Forget about my answer
All I need is yours
Even if I can't fix it right
I hope I can make it better
My own pain ebbing
As long as I'm with you
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 0
Fallen my heart
Two loves on my mind
One taken by another
The other slowly breaking me
The first will talk
Making me feel like the only one
The second never calls
Leaving me always wondering
But still my heart longs for both
Will I choose or be alone
The first cannot be who I want
His heart belongs to another
The second I know not his heart
I see not if his heart is mine
My choice is made
My heart is sure
Though my mind has yet to see
I will never have the first
But perhaps that is how its meant to be
The second steals my breath away
What can I do to prove my love
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 0
Mature content
Drinking :iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 0
How can I do it
What can I choose
To stay completly true
Or give in to pleasure
Give all my soul
Withhold the truth
Lost inside this winding maze
Conflict tears my heart
Love for one
Lust for two
What can I do
Which way to choose
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 4
Untitled 10
Feeling myself fly
These wings once broken
Stronger than before
Trust into the love
Truth in my being
I know I have you
Inside my soul forever
Never afraid of tomorrow
Know you are by my side
Healing the hurt
The scars fade
I know I am not alone
I can only hope
I can do the same for you
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 4
Not sure yet
Overflowing hear the truth
My soul it calls out to you
Feel me here
Waiting for you my dear
Tonight I will be still
Hold me close
I feel it coming near
There can be no more fear
For you have touched me
Deep in this place
I have tried to hide
But this time I can no longer bide
The feeling you have given me
I know the place I belong
So I will wait
For you at the gate
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 2
Updated pic of me by FireKnight92 Updated pic of me :iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 1
Hold Me
I just want you to reach out
Grab hold of me
So I know I'm not the only one
I need you here
Inside of me
I can't stand to be apart
Hold me close
Whisper the truth in my ear
I can't keep floating
In between hope and despair
I need something to hold on to
In my heart I hope it's you
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 1
I open my heart
Can you hear the beating
Will you feel the love
Cry out from the pain
Embrace the joy
Banish the fear
I will not close it
You are the one I keep
Here waiting for your response
Can I hear your heart
Show me all your love
Give me all your pain
Share all your joy
Let me banish your fear
Don't close yourself to me
I will never leave
Here in this place
I know we are not alone
Together in time, space, heart
So don't close yourself to me
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 2 0
Bring Me Back?
Killing me slowly
The thoughts of alone
Not being able to move
Mute are my cries
Where do I go from here
Who can I trust now
Will you save me
From this cliff
I stand on waiting
For one more song
One more word
Love that never ends
Can you bring me back
Away from the pain
Towards the light
Escaping from my heart
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 0
Waking up everyday
Only wanting one thing
To see and talk to you
Know I'm not the only one
Feeling this way
My heart won't be swayed
I know what I feel
And I know it will stay
The way it is
Full of hope and love
A brighter future up ahead
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 0
Heart over full
Pain in the past
Giving all I have
Expecting nothing
Hope for a future
Fear is gone
Wanting nothing more
Needing nothing less
Only love is important
All that I have
Given to you
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 0
Questions rage so fast I can’t keep up
My mind holding on too tight
I can make sense of the things I see
Please help me so I can be free
The truth can set us free
Tell me the pain I can see
Please set us free
The lies have all caught up
The truth buried so deep
Can we even find it now
Please help me so I can be free
The truth can set us free
Tell me the pain I can see
Please set us free
Truth is in the deepest place
Found with light and love
Trust me and I will find a way
Please help me so we can be free
The truth will set us free
Tell me the pain I can see
Please set us free
The fault is mine
I see the pain but can’t define
The things I need to hide
Please help me so we can be free
The truth will set us free
Show the pain no more to hide
We are free
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 0
Sometimes I'm afraid
To wake up
To find that I am alone
If this is a dream
I wish to stay
Engulfed in these feeling
The pain gone
Joy found in this place
Happiness in bright light
Show me the way
Keep this reality
Held in my heart
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 1 0
Truth and Hope
Truth and hope
Lies and pain
Where to look
Which leads the way
Happy heart
Desperate call
Will the answer be
All I had hoped
Wary eyes
Spinning mind
Help lead astray
Out of the way
Golden dream
Fragile case
This is the way
Which leads me home
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 0
Quiet sorrow, open heart
Truth in silence
Turned to dark
Pain and passion
Change the tide
In the silence
Dark to light
Truth reveled
Love is answered
Faith and hope
Fulfilled in time
Light the darkness of our lives
:iconfireknight92:FireKnight92 0 0


Elsa by luleiya Elsa :iconluleiya:luleiya 11,424 179 . december lights . by luleiya . december lights . :iconluleiya:luleiya 4,554 148 .: return to wonderland :. by luleiya .: return to wonderland :. :iconluleiya:luleiya 11,980 686 The Last Unicorn by luleiya The Last Unicorn :iconluleiya:luleiya 12,221 614 Archer by garun Archer :icongarun:garun 538 22
Glimpse of Light
Complete, solitude,
When in darkness we bathe,
When in darkness we're chained.
When in Darkness we are so tiny,
so very tiny, that we are of no importance.
But you are my glimpse of light in a world of darkness,
You are my shred of hope in a world of despair.
You are my beacon of light, on the path of eternal night.
And you are my savior in my times of need.
When in a world of carnage we are born,
When in a world of mayhem we are torn.
When in a world of total annihilation.
You will be there, to guide me to salvation,
You will paste the pieces that are torn,
You will take me to a safe haven, a place to be reborn.
:iconpuzzledheartbox:PuzzledHeartBox 2 0
Paris, city of light, love, romance and...

There’s much to be said about Paris, that which was mentioned in the title might be true in all sincerity, it’s not at all the only thing there is to be said. 
It’s a city that breathes history.. That lives in artistic manners. The many museums make up for a major part of this.
My trip there with my wife was no different, we’ve tasted the food, experienced the romance. Absorbed the history and basked in its utmost artisticity.
What will follow is a short description of our journey to Paris.
The Louvré, the artistic heart of Paris, the centre of expositions, shows and gatherings. Ranging from sculptures to paintings, bronze, ceramics, anything you can truly imagine as being art is represented here. With its many wings this was a place that truly took time to explore. Tiring, but worth it. The glass pyramids contrasted beautifully with the old architecture surrounding them. A must see and visit for all art lovers.
:iconpuzzledheartbox:PuzzledHeartBox 5 58
1 by heise
Mature content
1 :iconheise:heise 1,735 85
2013-12-18 by heise 2013-12-18 :iconheise:heise 3,655 96 2012-05-02 by heise 2012-05-02 :iconheise:heise 1,746 46 Untitled by heise Untitled :iconheise:heise 3,224 97 Lady by HollyBell Lady :iconhollybell:HollyBell 705 24 Mia2 by HollyBell Mia2 :iconhollybell:HollyBell 448 21 Love story comic by HollyBell Love story comic :iconhollybell:HollyBell 514 39 Tea Time by HollyBell Tea Time :iconhollybell:HollyBell 357 23 Commission - Pirate Owl by NezuPanda Commission - Pirate Owl :iconnezupanda:NezuPanda 1,494 403



United States
Current Residence: in my room
Favourite genre of music: most anything
Favourite photographer: my friends
Wallpaper of choice: Reita
Skin of choice: Reita ^^
Favourite cartoon character: most all anime characters ive seen
Personal Quote: If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then why can't we see our own beauty?
Hi! So um for the past month I've been seeing someone new, it isn't perfect. He has problems and sometimes i kinda don't know what to do, but he makes me feel amazing. I feel important and like someone cares.  Maybe I'm being stupid in more than one way. He tells me everything literally, even stuff that is bad. I kinda fell hard and fast like usual. I feel a lot for him and I know he cares about me. I know I won't give up on him right now. He talks to me every day. He tries to get me to tell him everything I'm thinking and not in a bad way, but in a you can tell me anything and I want you to feel comfortable doing so way. It makes me feel better, but sometimes I feel like I'm just unloading on him. He calls me pretty much perfect because I stayed after some of the things me told me. Some I could see why people might run away and others I've experienced too. I know I'm not perfect, I know there is a lot I will put up with before I'm overwhelmed. I just hope I can be enough. Even with his past and present problems I care about him so much. I just don't want a repeat, but I've given it up about 13 days, some more than one time, in the past 34 days and he still talks to me everyday. I feel so much better than I did with the last one. And he always try to make sure I finish, sometimes its clumsy and I need to start telling him to be more gentle, but I like when he's rough too, so I don't know how to tell him without having him be gentle all the time. So all my days off I spend with him. He has me playing Magic the Gathering and League of Legends. I do enjoy them. He wants me to share things I like to do, but I like just sitting around and doing nothing. Ok I like some video games and reading, which he likes too, but I don't really play many co-op games and the best we can do is recommend books to each other, which isn't bad we are both enjoying ourselves. He's coming to Thanksgiving with my family and I'm going to his family's too. I'm not afraid to bring him home. I really want my parents to like him and I want him to like them. So I guess it wasn't that quick of an update but I'm waiting for League to finish updating and figured I'd update anyone who reads my stuff. And I had a good time with my family when they were here haha I almost forgot to say that.

Love always,

  • Listening to: Style by Taylor Swift
  • Reading: Wicked
  • Watching: No Game No Life
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 12
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Water



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